• The Civil Aviation Authorities of Georgia and France signed a renewal of Technical Cooperation Program
  • According to conclusion of ICAO’s official audit, Georgia ranks first in the region
  • Georgia has made significant progress towards civil aviation security oversight
  • Third meeting of the EU-Georgia Joint Committee on the CAA Agreement in Tbilisi
  • The working visit of GCAA to People’s Republic of China
23 2018

  • The foreign aircraft shall be inspected in accordance with the Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) program.
  • SAFA program is equally applied to both, aircraft of the ECAC Member States and non-ECAC Member States.
  • The Aircraft may be inspected on the apron for the following aspects: documentation of the aircraft and flight crew that should be carried onboard, safety equipment in cockpit and cabin and their technical conditions, as well as general condition of the aircraft. The standards of such inspections are defined in the Annexes 1, 6 and 8 to the Chicago Convention (ICAO annexes).
  • Inspection of the foreign aircraft aims at determining compliance of the technical condition of aircraft, crew, on-board documentation and emergency-safety equipment  with the international standards specified in the Annex 1, Annex 6 and Annex 8 to the Chicago Convention (ICAO annexes).
  • An inspection shall be performed in the time between arrival and departure not to cause an unfounded delay of the aircraft.
  • Upon the finalization of the inspection, information concerning the findings detected during the inspection should be submitted to the Captain of the aircraft or the representative of the aircraft operator. In case of significant findings the information is submitted to the aircraft operator and the Aviation Authorities of the country of aircraft registration.
  • The results of the inspection are also submitted to the ECAC and SAFA program databases.
  • In case the findings directly related to the flight safety were observed during the inspection, inspector shall demand immediate corrective actions before the aircraft departure; otherwise the rights conceded by the AOC shall be terminated.

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