• New Working Arrangement signed between EASA and GCAA
  • Henrik Hololei: Georgia is leading aviation country in Eastern Partnership
  • The Civil Aviation Authorities of Georgia and France signed a renewal of Technical Cooperation Program
  • According to conclusion of ICAO’s official audit, Georgia ranks first in the region
  • Georgia has made significant progress towards civil aviation security oversight
  • Third meeting of the EU-Georgia Joint Committee on the CAA Agreement in Tbilisi
  • The working visit of GCAA to People’s Republic of China
5 2020
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27 Jul.'19 | Statement of Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA)

Any air operations at Sokhumi Airport without prior approval by GCAA is prohibited. No airline is allowed to operate to Sokhumi Airport unless decision is made by Georgian Civil Aviation Agency and safety oversight is carried out by Georgian Authorities.

Any air company to start flight operations to Sokhumi will be in breach of International Civil Aviation Rules, as well as Georgian Law on Occupied Territories, which will create grave complications for the air company in operating further to international and Georgian destinations. 

Sokhumi Airport has been restricted by Georgian Authorities since 1993. The mentioned airport is not certified by Georgian Civil Aviation Agency. Furthermore, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) supports Georgian territorial integrity and recognizes Abkhazia as an integral part of Georgia.

Sokhumi Airport has not been assigned ICAO Airport four-letter location indicator code by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Assignment of the designation code is carried out solely on the basis of respective Civil Aviation Authorities’ application. 

It is prohibited to use aerodromes, located on Georgian territory for civil aviation purposes unless the latter holds valid Aerodrome Operator Certificate, issued by the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia. Issuance, prolongation, limitation and restriction of the validity of Aerodrome Operator Certificates, as well as continuous surveillance over the activities of the aerodrome operators is carried out by Georgian Civil Aviation Agency.

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