• The Civil Aviation Authorities of Georgia and France signed a renewal of Technical Cooperation Program
  • According to conclusion of ICAO’s official audit, Georgia ranks first in the region
  • Georgia has made significant progress towards civil aviation security oversight
  • Third meeting of the EU-Georgia Joint Committee on the CAA Agreement in Tbilisi
  • The working visit of GCAA to People’s Republic of China
23 2018
Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP)

Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP)
Based on “The Comprehensive Air Services Agreement on Common Aviation Area between Georgia and the European Union” (ECAA), Georgia carries out reform that aims implementation of EU standards and legislative norms in Georgian Civil Aviation field.
The initiative of establishment of common aviation area is focused on the changes in the architecture of air management system for the purpose of further enhancement of flight safety and air traffic capacity, which must be achieved by the close cooperation between EU and its neighboring Countries.
The above-mentioned process is managed according to the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan (EATM Master plan), one of the main components of which is the European/Local Single Sky Implementation (ESSIP/LSSIP) mechanism. Control over the implementation of process is carried out by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL).
ESSIP/LSSIP mechanism combines European and Local Single Sky Implementation processes. For the first time, implementation plans are conducted at European level (ESSIP), which on the other hand is a basis for the planning Single European Sky implementation at local level (LSSIP). In order to achieve proper realization of mentioned process, active involvement of four main stakeholders from aviation field of the member countries is needed. They are: National Regulatory Authority, Air Navigation Service Provider, Airport Operator and Military Authority. The abovementioned Authorities/Organizations are responsible for reporting current and planned processes in the relevant sector, which are updated annually in LSSIP document.

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