• The Civil Aviation Authorities of Georgia and France signed a renewal of Technical Cooperation Program
  • According to conclusion of ICAO’s official audit, Georgia ranks first in the region
  • Georgia has made significant progress towards civil aviation security oversight
  • Third meeting of the EU-Georgia Joint Committee on the CAA Agreement in Tbilisi
  • The working visit of GCAA to People’s Republic of China
23 2018
Elaboration of Occurrence Reporting Form in Civil Aviation

Elaboration of Occurrence Reporting Form in Civil Aviation
Within and by the support of European Common Aviation Area (ECAA) project, as well as according to the Directive 2003/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council the elaboration of aviation occurrence reporting form is carried out.
The objective of mentioned Directive is to facilitate the improvement of aviation safety by the reporting, collecting, storing, protecting and spreading relevant information on flight safety.

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