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23 January 2021

Dear Unmanned Aircraft owners/operators,

We would like to inform you that the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency has developed the regulation related to safe operation and certification of the Unmanned Aircrafts. The regulatory norms on operating and exploitation of unmanned aircrafts came into force on September 1, 2017.

The regulation do not concern the unmanned aircrafts which are less than 250 grams, toy unmanned aircrafts (for kids) and exploitation of unmanned aerial vehicles in the building.

A 14-year-old person will be allowed to operate drones under the supervision of an adult.

The rule will be available in English soon. Before that, please follow the general requirements:

  • Before operating of unmanned aircraft, make sure that all of its elements work properly. Ensure the operation of the aircraft in accordance with the Manual provided by the manufacturer;
  • Before commencing the operation of unmanned aircraft, check the weather forecast. Operation of unmanned aircraft in adverse weather conditions may be dangerous both for you and surrounding persons, and be destructive for the device;   
  • It is prohibited to operate unmanned aircraft over the cities, streets, park areas and in the airspace where operation of unmanned aircraft has been preliminarily restricted. Do not operate unmanned aircraft in congested and crowded areas; 
  • Do not operate unmanned aircraft over the building and playing-fields, in close vicinity to traffic, high-tension power lines and radars;  
  • It is prohibited to operate the unmanned aircraft in close vicinity to aircrafts, airports and aerodromes. The horizontal distance to controlled restricted area of aerodrome shall be not less than 6000 m;    
  • Continuously maintain visual contact with unmanned aircraft without using any supporting devices (telescope, binocular, electro optical image amplifier). It is prohibited to operate unmanned aircraft at height more than 400 feet (122 m) above terrain or water surface;   
  • It is prohibited to operate unmanned aircraft for unlawful purpose. Do not use unmanned aircraft to make an aerial photography general public or private property. Keep in mind that personal privacy and inviolability of private property is warranted and protected by the Georgian law;   
  • Keep in mind that the owner/operator of unmanned aircraft has the full responsibility for its safe operation. Improper operation of UAVs may endanger the aviation and public safety.

We wish you success in conducting the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft!

Georgian Civil Aviation Agency  

Should you have any questions or proposals, please contact Agency at any time using the following e-mail address:







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